Content Editor Guidelines

What's a Content Editor ?

Depending in the country and time period, this type of work is also called “Sub Editor” or “Copy Editor”. In French, it's called “Secrétaire de rédaction”.

In a nutshell, the content editor is the link between the writer of an article and the layout editor. He receives the text from the writer and then he makes formatting changes, corrections and other improvements to the text. His goal is that the layout editor may not have to modify the text.

To Do List

  • Contact the author
  • If the article is already written, check that the author is ok to let us publish it
  • If the article is not written yet, nag the author until he delivers his text :)
  • Check that the text lenght is correct. If not you must cut some sentences.
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Check the accuracy of the article
  • Find images or graphics to illustrate the text (optional)
  • Check if there's a headlline for the text. If not write it.
  • Ask the author for a short bio (200 char. max). If not write it.

When all this is done, send the article in a simple .txt files to the layout editor.