HEADER : The latest major version of PostgreSQL has so many innovations and improvements ! We really struggled to choose the ten most disruptive features and showcase each of them, with a step-by-step example. Let's see what PostgreSQL 9.1 is gonna change for your data severs !


In September 2011, The PostgreSQL Global Development Group released PostgreSQL 9.1. This latest version of the leading open source database offers innovative technology, unmatched extensibility, and new features.

SUBHEADER : Responding to Users

Version 9.1 delivers several features which users have been requesting for years, removing roadblocks to deploying new or ported applications on PostgreSQL. These include Synchronous Replication, Per-Column Collations and Unlogged Tables.

SUBHEADER : Advancing the State of the Art

As always the PostgreSQL community innovates with cutting-edge features ! Version 9.1 includes 4 items which are new to the database industry, such as: K-Nearest-Neighbor Indexing, Serializable Snapshot Isolation, Writeable Common Table Expressions and Security-Enhanced Postgres.

SUBHEADER: Extending the Database Engine

PostgreSQL's extensibility enables users to add new functionality to a running production database, and use them for tasks no other database system can perform. Version 9.1 adds new extensibility tools, including: SQL/MED support, Extensions and the PGXN network.

In PostgreSQL's 25th year of database development, the community continues to advance database technology with every annual release !

QUOTE 1 : “PostgreSQL 9.1 provides some of the most advanced enterprise capabilities of any open source database, and is backed by a vibrant and innovative community with proven customer success. PostgreSQL is well positioned for building and running applications in the cloud.” Charles Fan, Sr. VP R&D, VMware

BOX 1 TITLE: Check out the wiki

BOX 1 TEXT: This article is heavily based on the wiki page called “What's new in PostgreSQL 9.1 ?”.


BOX 2 TITLE: Marc Cousin

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BOX 2 TEXT: Marc Cousin is a PostgreSQL and Oracle DBA since 1999. He is involved in the Postgres community in various ways, providing help on the French-speaking forum or participating to the PG Day France. He works at Dalibo as a Senior DBA.


SQL/MED 16 Per column collation 16 Unlogged tables 17 Sync. replication 18 Extensions 19 KNN Index 20 PGXN 21 SE Postgres 22 SSI 23 Writeable CTE 24