How to translate

1. Clone the pgmag repository. You can fetch the files from github with the

git clone

If you don't have a github account, sign up here

2. Translate the .txt files. the english content can be found the following path : /src/NN/txt/english (replace NN by the number of the issue). Copy this directory, for exemple :

cp -pr src/00/txt/english src/00/txt/french 

And then translate each .txt file, one by one.

3. Proof-Read the translations.

4. Launch Scribus 1.4. Duplicate the originale file :

cp src/00/issue-00.sla src/00/txt/issue-00.french.sla

Now copy/paste each translated txt files into the various content frames.

5. Export to PDF and review the file. Try to print it. There might some small fixes to make so that the magazine looks good in your own language.

6. When it's ready, send us an email at and we'll publish the magazine.

Further Notes :

  • You have to use Scribus 1.4. For now it's still a development branch, but it's stable enough to work with. In some linux distrition (ubuntu at least) Scribus 1.4 is shipped as “scribus-ng”, otherwise you can get it from :
  • Do Not Translate the texts directly inside Scribus! Scribus is a nice software but it is not appropriate for major text editing.