Existing Translation Teams

  • Chinese Team
    • Focus Soft : translator AT focus-soft DOT com
    • Wilson Guam : wilson DOT guam AT postgres DOT org DOT cn
  • French Team
    • Jeff Diwie : guapyo AT gmail DOT com
  • Portuguese Team
    • Euler Taveira de Oliveira : euler AT timbira DOT com
    • Fabio Telles : fabio DOT telles AT gmail DOT com
  • Spanish Team
    • Ricardo Mendoza : pgsqlcol AT @gmail DOT com
    • Jaime Casanova : jaime AT 2ndquadrant DOT com
    • Gilberto Castillo : gilberto DOT castillo AT etecsa DOT cu

→ If you want to help one of these teams, please contact them directly.

→ If you want to create a team for another language, please read create a translation team